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Tifway (Tiffway 419 / T-419) Bermudagrass

Tifway is characterized as having a dark green color and leaves that are medium fine textured. Tifway hybrid bermudagrass is dense with a medium to low growth habit. This variety is a vigorous grower and thus establishes quickly at planting.

Tifway is commonly used on golf course fairways and tees, sport fields, in the landscape and other high use and visible surfaces in warm climates.


  • grows best in hot climates and may become dormant after frost but recovers quickly when temperatures warm
  • drought tolerant
  • provides the fast recuperative rates from traffic and wear with proper maintenance
  • exhibits dense growth, when properly maintained, competes with the presence of many turf weeds
  • demonstrates tolerance or quick recovery from pest damage with proper maintenance
  • can tolerate relatively high soil and water salt concentrations
  • propagated as sprigs (rhizomes, stolons and stems) or as sod.
  • Can be installed when sod is dormant

Bermuda grass is NOT for shady lawns!!

The standard for more than 40 years for hybrid bermudagrasses. This medium textured, dark green selection provides good color and wear tolerance.

Characteristic Rating
Texture Fine
Shade Tolerance Poor (4-6 hours Min)
Soil Preference Little
Fertility Requirement High (4 times yearly)
Peak Mowing Requirement 4 to 7 days (weekly summer cuts)
Care Required Very High