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Tall fescue

Tall fescue is a medium leaf, dark green, cool season trufgrass best adapted to cooler climates in the upper-south and at sites in higher elevations.

Tall fescue is noted for providing a year round green landscape.   Summer heat and disease are the two main problems associated with maintaining a quality fescue lawn. 

Fescue sod is produced at farms located in Perry & Macon Georgia.

Tall Fescue sod can be installed fall, winter and spring, but avoid installing fescue in the summer.

Characteristic Rating
Texture Fine
Shade Tolerance Good (2-3 hours Sun Min)
Soil Preference Clay / Loam / Regular
Fertility Requirement Moderate (1 to 2 times yr)
Peak Mowing Requirement 7 to 14 days
Care Required Moderate