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Brands Of Zoysia / Emerald & Zenith

Emerald Zoysia is the Maybach of lawn grasses. An artificially bred hybrid released by Dr. Forbes several years after Meyer, Emerald produces an extremely dense, find textured turf of true emerald green color.

It simply can not be neglected for long periods of time, but if fertilized twice annually, watered as needed and cut regularly, it makes a lawn in sun and/or moderate shade that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Emerald is very cold hardy, and although all the hot climate grasses turn brown after killing frosts, small plots of Emerald will maintain green color throughout most winters as far north as Atlanta in commercial areas where it is well protected and benefits from radiation heating from buildings and asphalt paving. It is especially useful where outstanding appearance is worth a premium, such as patios, around pool decks and small turf islands in shopping centers, apartments, etc.

Fast growing, fine textured and dense zoysiagrass. The smallest leaf blade of the commercially produced varieties. Somewhat higher level of maintenance required than for other zoysias. Emerald zoysia sod can be installed as dormant sod during cooler times of year.

Characteristic Rating
Texture Fine
Shade Tolerance Good (3-5 hours Min)
Soil Preference Clay / Loam
Fertility Requirement Moderate
Peak Mowing Requirement 7 to 10 days
Care Required Moderate


Dark green color and medium fine leaf produces a superior lawn or golf course fairway, tee or rough. Shade tolerance and dense growth habit allows means this lawn grass is widely adaptable to virtually any place in the landscape with some sun or light shade exposure.
Characteristic Rating
Texture Intermediate
Shade Tolerance Good
Soil Preference Clay / Loam
Fertility Requirement Moderate
Peak Mowing Requirement 7 to 10 days
Care Required Moderate
Method of Propagation Seed / Sod


Zenith Zoysia is the first sythetic cross zoysiagrass and the result of years of research. First introduced in 1990, this unique zoysiagrass sod is also available in seed form. Zenith Zoysia provides a dark-green, medium-textured turf for use in home lawns, commercial landscapes, golf courses, sports fields and roadsides from Miami to Baltimore and west to Kansas City and beyond.

  • Best adapted turf for transition zone
  • Low water requirement
  • Low nutrition requirement
  • Winter hardy
  • Less frequent mowing required - from 1 to 2 inches - with either reel or rotary mowers
  • Dense turf resists weeds

Zenith Zoysia, available in both sod and seed, can be installed easily and provides a superior low maintenance lawn.